Newborn *Session Fee - $350

Sessions are 3-4 hours in the comfort of your home. Because I shoot with natural lighting, all I need from you is good light. A big window or sliding glass door is usually great. Just keep an eye out during the day to see where the best light in the house falls. It doesn't have to be direct shiny light. *Newborns are best photographed between the ages of 1 & 14 days old. They are still very flexible and used to being in tight quarters. This flexibility lends well to those cute curled up poses. Newborns over the age of 14 days can still be photographed, but they may not curl up as well.

~ Safety & "Specialty Shots" - I have been photographing newborns for almost eight years now. I use the utmost caution with every newborn. Many of those "specialty shots" you see photographers take are composites. A composite photo consists of multiple shots composed/Photoshopped into one photograph. When choosing a newborn photographer, please make sure they understand how to do composite shots as the "specialty shots" would be very dangerous if done just how they look. 

What Is A Composite Image In Newborn Baby Photography?

Why Should I Use A Professional Photographer To Photograph My Newborn Baby?

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Family Portrait *Session Fee - $200

Family Portrait sessions are 45 minutes to an hour in length and are for two to five family members. Depending on the type of atmosphere you are looking for in your portraits, will determine the session location. Please contact me for additional family member prices.

~Session fee waived for families with children with severe special needs.


Individual Portrait *Session Fee - $150

Individual Portrait sessions are for one person, for example, maternity, senior portraits, or toddler portraits. They are 45 minutes to an hour in length. 


*Special Sessions


Disney Photographer for the "Day" - Fee $1,500

As your personal Disney Photographer, I will hang out with you and your family for a maximum of 4 hours, beginning no earlier than 9am & ending no later than sunset. Fee covers my travel, ticket, time with you, as well as up to 100 edited digital photos. $10.00 for every extra digital after your selected 100.

Bridal Party/Baby Shower Fee - $850
Fee covers up to three hours of photography and all digital prints. 



Real Estate Photography - Fee $0.12 a square foot

You will receive all digitally edited photos of inside and outside your house to be listed. You will have full ownership of your photos and I will store your photos for up to a year.

Booking a Session
Please contact me if you would lie to go over the details of your session. Customers will be contacted within 24hrs of booking to go over their session details. 

To reserve a session time, a 50% non-refundable deposit is due no later than four days prior to your scheduled session. The remainder is due at the time of the session.


*What will you receive?
You will receive *15-20 proofs from our session for you to choose to be included in your package. Session Fees are separate from the package prices. All photos in your gallery will be edited by me within one month after your session.

Á la carte prints start at $15.

Á la carte digital prints are $50 each.


Multiple digital prints are included in package prices.

*For package prices and any questions, please send me a quick email.

Contact Me:

Email: [email protected]